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  1. Red Tape Alert: Phase 3 Cannabis Delivery Licensing in L.A.
  2. Cannabis Trademark Bullying: Be Prepared for Worst Case Scenario
  3. California Bill to Mandate More Cannabis Stores Is Dead, For Now
  4. How to Kill Your Cannabis Trade Secrets (With One Simple Sentence)
  5. Notes on the First Public FDA Meeting on CBD
  6. Non-Compete Agreements: What Cannabis Business Owners Need to Know About Washington
  7. Washington CBD Webinar June 19: Hemp-Derived CBD Locally and Nationwide
  8. Intellectual Property Law Panel Next Week at MJBizConNEXT
  9. Anatomy of a Cannabis Insurance Policy, Part 1: The Basics
  10. It Could Happen to You: Cannabis Agency Litigation (Webinar Replay)
  11. Florida County School Board Approves Medical Marijuana Access in Public Schools
  12. Treating Brain Injury With CBD May Become A Reality
  13. What Is Driving The Increasing Popularity of CBD
  14. How Cannabis and Fitness Can Work Together for Your Health
  15. CVS Will Soon Carry CBD Products In 800 Stores in 8 States
  16. Opioids and Medical Cannabis: An Update on the Latest Information
  17. Louisiana Coroner Claims Woman Died From
  18. Cancer Patient in Illinois Sentenced to Four Years in Prison For Marijuana
  19. Canadian Flight Crews Prohibited From Using Cannabis 28 Days Before Flying
  20. Historic Pennsylvania Firehouse to Become Medical Marijuana Dispensary
  21. [UPDATED] Governor of Alabama Has Only Hours to Take Action on Medical Marijuana Bill
  22. Nevada Prohibits Employment Discrimination Based on Cannabis Use
  23. New Mexico Expands Medical Marijuana Program with Addition of Six Conditions
  24. Arizona Governor Has One More Day to Sign New Medical Marijuana Bill
  25. 57 Percent of Minnesota Doctors Consider Adult-Use Cannabis An Important Issue
  26. The Winners of the 2019 Michigan Cannabis Cup
  27. Los Angeles Cannabis Businesses Urge Officials to Crack Down on Illicit Market
  28. New Study Brings Skepticism to Idea That Legal Marijuana Reduces Opioid Deaths
  29. Texas Governor Signs Bill to Allow Farmers To Legally Grow Hemp
  30. Veterans Turning to Medical Cannabis Over Alcohol or Prescription Drugs
  31. Medical Marijuana 411 Receives American Medical Association PRA Category 1 Credit(s)
  32. Ohio Medical Board Rejects Addition of Depression to Medical Marijuana Program
  33. Denver Police Investigating Series of Break-Ins at Dispensaries
  34. Three Ounce Possession of Marijuana Decriminalized in Cincinnati
  35. Six Ways California Can Combat the Cannabis Black Market
  36. Colorado Cannabis Tax Revenues Top $1 Billion
  37. California Court Rules Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana Legal in Prison
  38. North Carolina Farmers, Lawmakers Pushing for Hemp Legalization
  39. Researchers Find Evidence of Ancient Cannabis Use in China
  40. Oregon Hemp Litigation: Bad Contract = Big Federal Court Claims
  41. New Study Suggests Low Levels of THC in Blood Do Not Increase Risk of Car Crash
  42. W. Virginia Community College Offers Free Tuition to Students Who Pass Drug Test
  43. Canadians May Be Able To Purchase Edibles and Topicals By December
  44. California Cannabis Beverages Have Even More Labeling Requirements