Community Guidelines

Just be chill

Be respectful to other members

No pornographic images or links

NO harassment of other members

No threads about committing crimes (besides smoking cannabis)

6: No threads for the sole purpose of advertising

7: No threads just to communicate to staff member about a disciplinary action, a deleted thread, etc.

8: Avatars and signatures must not be pornographic images, links, or anything that is against

9: No threads or posts about being racists, sexist, or anything like that

10: Just be chill

This list will be updated with time and is subject to change without notice.
The staff has the right to remove any content that they deemed not appropriate for the site.
Have any questions please feel free to contact a staff member.

Avatar & Signatures

Avatars can be 200x200 pixels or smaller, the largest the avatar can be is 100,000 byets (1KB= 1,024 bytes).

Signatures can have a maximum width of 500 pixels and 100 pixels high, this is only for pictures that you would use for the signature. Words in the signature have to abide by the community guidelines.

User can set their own custom rank those as well have to abide by the community guidelines.